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The old croft houses that are dotted around the county are one of my favourite subjects to paint. They hold so much history within their walls and are usually in the most stunning and remote locations.

John Gunn had a wealth of knowledge about the old croft houses and ruins in the county. He knew who lived in each dwelling and had so many stories to tell about the people and different places. His stories always inspired me to paint the old buildings and the wide open landscapes that they sat within.

John Gunn Shepherd
Johnny Gunn outside a house he used to live in

My neighbour and local photographer Angus Mackay, has been fortunate to gain access to photograph some of the most remote buildings in and around Caithness. His photos are snapshots of a time past and they always inspire me to pick up my paintbrushes! My next painting is going to be a large landscape with one of the croft houses Angus photographed sat within it.

Angus's drone photography and aerial imagery capture the Caithness landscape from a totally different angle, and he picks up on so many details in the landscape that you would almost walk right by on foot without noticing!

Check out his website:

A few of my favourite photos by Angus Mackay

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