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Memory Ride fundraiser

I was delighted when my friend Cath asked if I would ride with her to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer UK - in memory of her friend Aileen Campbell, who sadly lost her life to advanced bowel cancer in 2020. The memory ride took place on Sunday 2nd May 2021 and we rode from Loch More to Glutt Lodge and back – approximately 20 miles.

Riders were: Myself and my Black Bullet, Cath on her cob Dolly, and Aileen’s daughter Sharon on her huge Clydesdale Hamish.

The ride took us through the most stunning landscapes – and we passed lochs, rivers and peatlands on a very long and winding track. The Caithness hills watched over us and the only sound was the wind, hoofbeats and the singing skylarks. The only blip was when my Black Bullet spooked at a rock and I parted company from her! Apart from that, the day was fantastic. Lots of memories made and I feel very blessed to have been along for the ride.

I think Aileen would be extremely proud of Sharon and Hamish and Cath and Dolly!

A staggering £2500 has been raised so far!

Link to my GoPro video of the ride.

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